About us

Doutsje and Lester are the proud owners of bydoutsje.

I am Doutsje; the creative one.
I am a goldsmith and make all jewelry manually. I only make original pieces. Therefore you will not find any 'of the shelf' products  at bydoutsje. Ik pay attention to all details to the smailles lock. Personally I always find it a deception to have a bracelet that you can adjust yourself so you will have a chainlet dangling at you back or from your wrist. Or that the lock does not fit the jewelry at all or is just plain ugly. If you spend a lot of money on something beautiful than the whole picture must be right, from whatever sight you have a look at it.

I am Lester; the technical one.
I take care of the photographie and the webshop. I am not easily satisfied and will not take a rest before everything is right. At the moment I am reasonably satisfied with the pictures in the shop, but the pictures do not always honor the beautiful product Doutsje is crafting. But I am sure there will be a time that the pictures will be more beautiful than the product!!! ?. When you encounter something at the site that is not right or that could be better, then please let me know by sending an email to thatcouldbebetter@bydoutsje.nl

When you are looking for something beautiful than will probably find something right here. We will make sure that you will receive a real present when you receiver your jewelry at home.

Because all jewelry is made manually the delivery time might vary. An indication of the delivery you will find within every product description.

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