Necklace size

The size of the necklace is mentioned within the productspecifications of every necklace. De maat van het collier staat binnen de productspecificatie van ieder collier vermeld. An exception is the choker necklaces. Those really need to fit to your neck which makes the right size very personal.

Measure choker size

Option 1:
Measure the size of a choker you already own and that has the right fit. The measured length is the right perimeter and also the right size.

Option 2:
Measure the size of your neck (in centimeters) with a flexible tape-measuere or a piece of rope at the the place that your choker needs to be positioned.
Add 1 centimeter to the total ammount of centimeters. The result is th right size.

When ordering a choker necklace the filling in the size is part of the ordering process.

Indication ‘look’ other types of necklaces based on lenght.


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