Bracelet size

To make it ease we state that there are 3 types of bracelet sizes.

  • Thight fit (thight fit to wrist)
  • Normal (comfortable/common)
  • Wide (falls a bit further across the hand when the arm is in downwarsds position)

The real size (length) for each type depends on the thickness of your wrist and your own preference. For each order filling in the size of the bracelet is part of the ordering process.

Measuring and determining the right size of your bracelet.

Option 1:
Measure the size of a bracelet you already own and that has the right fit. he measured length is the right perimeter and also the right size.

Option 2:

Measure the size of your wrist (in centimeters) with a flexible tape-measure or a piece of rope just above the wrist bone. With ‘above the wrist bone’ the place on you arm is meant just after the small bone and in the direction of your elbow, not between bone and hand. 

Something needs to be added to the measured amount of centimeters. This depends on the type of bracelet size that you want: Thight fit, normal or wide.  

Bracelet type


Tight fit

Measured length in centimeters +1


Measured length in centimeters +2


Measured length in centimeters +3

In the description of the bracelets within this webshop it is sometimes mentioned with which type of bracelet size the bracelet will be at its best, to our opinion. But choice is entirely up to you!

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