There are several ways to make and keep your silver jewelry or other silver objects beautiful and shiny.

Please watch out with jewelry wits stones or pearls, those cannot not always withstand the liquids that are used underneath. Always use method 1 voor those.

1. The most simple one. Rub thoroughly with a silver polishing cloth. You will get this delivered with your bydoutsje jewelry.

2. Clean with silver polish. There are several brands that you can most of the time obtain in the supermarket or drugstore. Examples are Silvo, Brasso, Hagerty, HG..... You need an old cloth for this. Put a little polish on the cloth and rub your jewelry beautiful and shiny. Afterwards rub with a clean cloth for extra shine. Whatch out though, this is a little bit of a dirty and intensive job, make sure your work surface is properly covered with an old newspaper or cloth. This method works also for copper and brass objects. Doutsje often did this with her grandmother when she was young.

3. Silver Bath. This is easy and quick, but a little bit pricey. You immerse your jewelry for a bit and it will come out nice and shiny. The brands Hagerty and HG have options for this. For larger objects this mostly does not work as they are too big for the small baths.

4. Life hack, this is bydoutsje's favorite. Cheap and easy. For this you need a pan or a bowl. Put some tinfoil (aluminium) on the bottom of the bowl, dull side up, cover the whole bottom. Pour boiling water into the boil, it does not have to keep boiling. Make sure there is enough water in the bowl to cover at least half of your object if you immerse it. Now add some baking soda until ther is a lot of effervescence. The baking soda reacts with the tinfoil. Now put your jewelry in the bowl so that they touch the tinfoil. The blackness will disappear like snow in the sun. Potentially turn you object when it is large and did not submerse totally yet.
Yes, indeed, it smells like sulfur a little, but that is not a problem. Your jewelry does not shine immediately when you take it out of the bath but just a little rubbing with a cloth and it shines beautifully again (use preferably a silver polish cloth, you already have one, you get it delivered with your bydoutsje jewelry). This method works for all your silver objects, but is specifically handy for larger objects like cutlery and bowls and it saves you a lot of rubbing and money. Good luck!

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